i really like that guy in GOT7 that tries to speaks english and picks his nose a lot.

my name is sandra, 19, from guam.

You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

 be touched, let alone kissed
does he know where your lips begin?

kim minseok eat my ass

xiumin changed his xiustagram profile photo (•̀ᴗ•́)و

[ENG SUB] Nine Boys Ep. 1

안녕,영재야 birthday project for YOUNGJAE
go to 안녕,영재야’s website, click ‘Select language’ on the upper right corner if you are unable to read hangul. 

leave a message on ‘19TH YJ’S BIRTHDAY’ board. make sure you click SECRET on your message.

thank you!
"Hello, this is YOUNGJAE SUPPORT.
We prepare “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOUNGJAE" for Youngjae’s 19th birthday.
Please do participate Youngjae’s cheerful birthday.
Ways to help support are Donation / Personal gift / Letter.

♥ Benefits for donor ♥
- $5 or more : Photo Cards (6 pics)
- $10 or more : Photo Cards (6 pics) + Sticker Set
- $30 or more : Photo Cards (6 pics) + Sticker set + Mini Photobook (size A5/ Monblanc paper / approx. 26 pages / 160~200g)

Information on how to donate/send in gifts can be found HERE: english | korean | chinese | thai | japanese

*please do NOT hesitate to contact YOUNGJAE SUPPORT via twitter or e-mail (foryoungjae@gmail.com)! she is very friendly and willing to help out if you have any questions :) 

I GOT7s, please help spread the word so more people can partake in this project! i’d love to see my ult. bias happy from all the love he’ll receive on his birthday. thanks!